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Getting to YES Faster!
Founder of Unstoppable Women in Sales
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Speaker Description:

Susan's ability to help women entrepreneurs see them selves as revenue generating machines is uncanny.  She takes the fear and the mystery out of having conversations that convert a prospect into a client.  As a speaker, Susan connects authentically with her audience and provides actionable strategies that change the way women entrepreneurs see themselves and their businesses forever.

Keywords: Sales Communication, Coaching, Business Growth, Sales Leader, Mindset Coach, Sales Strategy

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Speaking Fees: Negotiated/Free for Women's Networking Organizations

Sales & Marketing

Before your ideal prospect can say Yes to doing business with you, there are three questions they need to have answered

1. Why do I need what you are offering?

2. What's different about what you offer?

3. Why do I need it NOW?

Knowing how to connect with your potential customers at a level that will help them answer those questions is a true skill.  During this presentation, Susan will introduce her methodology on how to answer all three of those questions so you can Get to Yes Faster!


How to connect with your potential customers in a way that drives them to buy from you.

Sales & Marketing

How do you react when a potential customer puts up a roadblock, aka objection? 

Do you have the right response? 

Do you walk away? 

Learning to overcome any objection is a key component of growing your business. Join Susan as she helps you discover the psychology of objections and learn a proven methodology to help you overcome them every time.


1. Why potential customers raise objections

2. A proven methodology to overcome objections and create a sale.


Knowing how to cut through the noise and earn the privilege to have a sales conversation with a potential customer is more important today than ever.  Your prospects are presented with hundreds of marketing and sales messages on a weekly basis.  How can you make certain that your message is the one that makes them sit up and take notice?

Join Susan as she teaches you How To Be Interesting.  A proven methodology to create any message, conversation or marketing content in a way that will drive interest and curiosity from your audience.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways:
 - Knowing what is important to your prospect

 - Create an irresistible offer

 - Make it easy for them to buy

Best Practices

There are countless things that women entrepreneurs can do to create long-term, sustainable success for their business.  Susan brings you the top 5 non-negotiable items that could be the difference makers for you this year.

Some of these items are heart-based, inherent to who you are and how you show up to serve your clients.  The others are processes oriented and can elevate your business to the next level.

Join Susan as we talk about success and how to make it non-negotiable for you!

Key Takeaways

To create long-term, sustainable success in your business:

1. Do what you love - passion makes up for many shortcomings

2. Create a community, not commodity

3. Set goals according to the Goldilcks method - not too big, not too small

4. Over deliver on client expectations ALWAYS

5. Don't lose yourself in your business

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