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Charlene Ignacio is a business guru and friend to business professionals everywhere! Her purpose lies in helping other business owners and industry professionals find their purpose and exceed their dreams, while turning their purpose into profits. Charlene is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 24 years experience and has found her purpose helping others through her coaching programs. Her programs help her clients gain greater insight into their purpose, goals, and challenges, while helping them reach over 100 million in revenue. Her signature formula Speed To Solutions, are proven sales strategies that can help both startups and 10 figure companies get more of what they want. She leads her industry as an expert in growth and scale strategies because of her education in Business Management and Entrepreneurship along with her training at Walt Disney World and her Black Belt Lean Six Sigma certification. She is a National Speaker, Author, Coach The Coach Academy and Certified BYB Trainer/Coach and networking pro.

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What makes someone a good and effective leader? The truth is that being a good leader calls for more than conventional wisdom, instead you need to embrace these unlikely concepts to be the kind of leader that inspires others, 


Here are the key learning objectives:

Understand what servant minded leadership looks like and embrace it

Learn how to acknowledge and embrace your faults and then ask your team to help you fill in the gaps where you struggle

Engage with your team and use their strengths to maximum effect


Cash Flow

Ever wondered how some people making selling look easy? And then felt like a failure because you find it such a challenge? Getting effortless sales is a skills anyone can learn, if you're willing let go of "traditional" sales practices.

Key Takeaways

Sales should be like following an obvious path at the park. A gentle, easy walk that makes people feel refreshed as they journey from point A to point B. At the end of their walk, they should be refreshed and willing to come back for more. How do you do that? 

  • Know your value offer...and I mean know it. Understand the tangible and intangible benefits of your offer, then speak with conviction about how these benefits directly impact your clients.

  • Remember that the salesman matters as much as the product. No, really. The important thing is to learn how to be a salesman without giving people overly commercial or fake impressions.

  • Embrace science. The science is in and it tells us that there are things you can do to engage with the parts of a person that make them want to buy from you. Do your research and then implement it.

Best Practices

Money is a difficult topic for many people to discuss, however, it is necessary. Money is how you keep a business going and ensure that you and your family get to live well. We want to teach you how to determine and transform your relationship with money, so that you can find balance and peace in your life.


Key Takeaways 

1. What is ho'ponopono and why does it matter?

2. What does ho'ponopono look like, in practice?

3. What are my limitations when it comes to money?

4. How to write a love letter to money

I strongly believe that home grown business channel partnerships are a key part of doing business and the best way to do so is with strategic, synergetic networking

Key Takeaways

Making the most of networking can be challenging. The best thing to do is remember these 5 points:

  1. Be authentic: no one wants to connect with someone who is fake

  2. Be engaged: be an active listener and a value add to discussions 

  3. Contribute to community/organizations: bring more to the table than just your desire to sell your services

  4. Don't sell: networking events shouldn't be about selling, they should be about actually building a network

  5. Follow up: be intentional and actually follow up with your connections

There are so many things in that can get in the way of your business. The question is, are you one of them?

Key Takeaways

No one wants to be the one preventing their business from prospering. Sometimes we get in our own way. So, how do you identify and overcome this barrier? 

  • Have a clear goal. To understand what's holding you back you have to first understand where you want to go and what steps it will to get there.

  • Self-reflect and then self reflect some more. Look carefully at the business journey you want to take and what are you specifically doing that is preventing these steps.

  • Take steps to turn the things you do from business barriers to business boosters. 

Being a business owner is an amazing calling. Running a business provides many benefits such as:

  • financial freedom

  • the chance to pursue what you love

  • flexibility with your time.

But operating a business is also a lot of work and as the excitement fades, reality sets in. It’s easy to find ourselves unknowingly becoming a slave to our business. We know that achieving the life you want means we have to work hard. Our drive leads us to over work, let's exhaustion set in, and causes us to struggle with time management and work/life balance. We lose interest and motivation for work. I will speak on how to stop being a slave to your business. 

Bonus: I also provide an interactive workbook with the course.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways 

1. How did you become a slave to your business. 

2. What are 3 things you can do to stop being a slave to your business right now. 

3. How to use no to get yes

Making sales can seem like there’a a secret formula that everyone has mastered but you. The truth is that making sales that exceed your financial goals and generate consistent income is not as secret as you might think. The trick is finding the right guide to teach you how to create your own special sales formula. A formula that works specifically for your business and highlights the things that make your business the perfect one to meet your audience’s needs.

Key Takeaways

  1. Find the right people to sell to

  2. Set realistic financial and sales goals

  3. Create a unique sales formula

Social media is everywhere these days and in this new COVID era you can’t create a marketing strategy without a social media plan. Each social media platform requires a unique approach. I will go over a comprehensive strategy for free social media platforms. I’ll speak about:

  • learning which free platforms are the best for your business

  • how to get started and get established on the platform

  • how to craft a long-term strategy for  engagement, and how to network using the platform.

Bonus: I also provide an interactive workbook with the course.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn which free platforms are the best for your business

  • Get started and get established on the platform

  • Craft a long-term strategy for  engagement, and how to network using the platform.

One thing that dating teaches us many things like:

  • how to identify key traits for long-term relationship partners

  • how to find people with those traits

  • how to appeal to those who have those ideal traits

But, what if we took those principles and applied them elsewhere? Those tools would help us increase sales, improve how we look for clients, and teach us how to appeal to a specific niche. I will guide you in how to take your dating experience and turn it into business acumen!

Key Takeaways

  • Identify key traits are important to identify ideal long-term clients

  • Find potential clients with those ideal traits

  • Appeal to potential clients who have those ideal traits

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