Brynn Breuner

Messaging That Matters
For business owners who do weird, cool, and exciting stuff
Phone: (510) 334-8768
Phone: (510) 334-8768

Travels From: Reno-Tahoe, NV

Speaker Description:

Brynn Breuner is an unconventional brand strategist for unconventional people. She brings 30+ years of visual design, branding, and wordsmithing to helping visionary leaders communicate “what they really do” with ease and impact. When you can describe it, you can sell it.   

While Brynn’s clients often seek to heal messaging confusion and shame, they ultimately discover a game-changing clarity of the value they deliver along with a whole new level of confidence.

We all know how important it is to have a clear, authentically aligned brand message. Unconventional entrepreneurs and business owners struggle “with the words” because describing powerful, unorthodox work with an inane job title doesn’t even begin touch your ability to synthesize complex information, multifaceted skillset, or singular perspective.

Brynn Breuner of MindSpark Branding flips everything you know about branding on it’s head. When we go below the surface and find out who you are and what your people really need, everything shifts. When unconventional genius is translated into messaging that drives connection and sales—and instills a bone-deep presence, clarity, and confidence—your ideal clients will find you. Join us and find out how you can create messaging that’s real, resonant and human.

The ultimate result Brynn wants for all her clients is to be fully visible, deeply aligned and magnificently present in their business.

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Speaking Fees: Negotiable


Join Brynn Breuner, lead trainer with Reno’s TEDx speaker preparation team, to transform your concept or speech into a TED-worthy Idea Worth Sharing. Brynn will share insider tips to craft and hone your big idea and elevate your presenting skills, so that whether your goal is to step onto that Big Red Dot or rock your next virtual speaking engagement, you will learn how to be crisp, confident, and compelling.

Key Takeaways

  • Zero in on a message audiences will want to hear and remember

  • Avoid word vomit, detail fatigue and other classic TED speaker pitfalls 

  • Maximize your impact to deliver greatness when it matters most 


So many of us in business—including experienced entrepreneurs and business owners who have been at it for 20 or 30 years—even the biggest companies—have lost touch with (or have no idea) what their audience really wants. This causes a downward spiral of struggle, disconnection, and flat sales. The good news is, you can learn in minutes how to STOP selling by assuming, guessing, or saying what you think you're "supposed to,” and instead communicate authentically so you can inspire long-term engagement like never before.

Key Takeaways

Brynn Breuner is a brand evangelist for original thinkers who feel lost thinking they "ought" to do business and marketing a particular way. Join us and learn:

  • How to find the EXACT words that inspire YES! and make objections a non-issue

  • Common communication blind spots that kill engagement (and how to fix them)

  • How OWNING YOUR WEIRD can inspire mind-blowing levels of success—with ease

Every entrepreneur faces aspects of their business that they avoid like the plague. Whether it’s an emotionally fraught decision, an internal conundrum, or a crucial next-level leap, dread throws on the brakes. 

Like dishes, mail, and laundry, untended resistance piles up and keeps us from moving forward. Sidestepping issues that are nasty but necessary magnifies dread, drains our energy, and disconnects us from the resourceful creativity that growth depends on.

But how do you get through resistance when just pushing through doesn’t work? What if there was a faster way to handle high-stakes hang ups without the effort it takes to dig through core beliefs, journal it out, or meditate on the mountaintop? 

Key Takeaways

Join Brynn Breuner and learn how to:

  • Recognize your unique dread indicators

  • Sidestep fear and reclaim your creativity

  • Use emotion to cut through resistance roadblocks

If you’re an entrepreneur committed to blazing trails and changing the world, you know resistance is part of the package. 

Join us and learn how to use your resistance for good! 

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