Bevin Mugford

National Speaker on Personal and Professional Development
National Speaker on Sales and Business Development

Travels From: Hartford, CT

Speaker Description:

A former real estate entrepreneur with a background in competitive athletics, Bevin is a founding member of the Peach leadership team and the Head of Sales & Field Development. In her role at Peach, she recruits, trains and leads a national sales team. A dynamic, engaging and highly sought-after public speaker, Bevin travels across the country weekly to deliver powerful personal and professional development presentations and workshops. Described as a “zesty badass with a flair for the dramatic”, Bevin rocks the room when she speaks and believes men and women can do anything when they play to their strengths. 

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Additional language: english ,

Speaking Fees: No fee when working with eWomen Network Managing Directors. $3000-$5000 keynote fee outside of network.

Personal Development

Learn how activating your strengths instead of worrying about your shortcomings will allow you to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life! In an interactive presentation, we will explore:

  1.  How to identify internal signature strengths

  2.  How to operationalize and optimize these strengths for growth

  3.  How to flip the script on “weaknesses”

The outcome of this work is something like unleashing a superpower!

Personal Development

Research tells us that confidence, or the appearance of confidence, is highly correlated with personal and professional success. In an interactive presentation, we will investigate how to identify and grow confidence from within. We will explore:

  • ACTION: Translate thought into action in the face of both ambition and doubt.

  • BOUNCE: Practice bouncing with successes and the failures.

  • CONNECT: Grow through sharing vulnerability and connecting in community. 


Today’s leaders recognize that leadership is dynamic and multifaceted. Together, we will explore how to match circumstances and personalities with different leadership modalities. We will also practice how to move, with determination and flexibility, among the 4 modes of leadership, including:

The Innovator

The Driver

The Pillar

The Advocate

Personal Development

How to achieve peak performance in high-stress environments. The research tells us the real enemy of high performance is not stress. Stress, in the proper levels, is actually the stimulus for growth. Rather, it is unabated stress without recovery that drains energy and can cause us to feel exhausted, depleted and burned out.

Together, we will explore the 4 dynamic areas of energy and how to reset and restore energy for peak performance.  We will cover:

  • Spiritual Energy

  • Cognitive Energy

  • Emotional Energy

  • Physical Energy


The entrepreneur and the elite athlete share much in common. In pursuit of peak performance and the next level of success, both entrepreneurs and athletes leverage a cycle of the 3 Ps:

  • Practice

  • Performance

  • Perspective

Together we will explore how to leverage techniques within the 3 Ps, including dynamic activations specific to your industry. 

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