Valerie Luckett

Breakthrough your income ceiling; money mindset, sales, & social media growth


Valerie Luckett Coaching

Coaching Philosophy

Are you tired of spending a ton of money to only get frustrated to see that things are working out for everyone else but you?

Let me guess, you’ve tried all the mindset, marketing, and sales strategies and you still wonder why your money goals are not being met.

You constantly reach outside yourself getting distracted by the shiny objects and courses because you think that’s the next thing that’s going to get you results, yet you’re so overwhelmed that you’re unable to commit to the course you buy.

I see so many coaches and entrepreneurs question if their business is going to work out and secretly want to give up because they’re working 12 hour days and not bringing in the income they desire every month.   

They feel like their just checking off the list and going through the motions wondering when they're going to start having fun and have time to go on a vacation without having to worry about where their next client is coming from.

The good news is I understand and can help you if you’re feeling this way.

I believe that your business can be easy if you choose for it to be.

The key to your business is knowing what to focus on, how to manage your energy, clearing out any money blocks that are preventing you from receiving consistent income, and creating a business model that lights you up!  

I help my clients implement a mindset and strategy process that attracts their ideal clients, brings in the money they truly desire, and massively improve relationships within their business and personal life. This will put the fun back into your business!

I’m very hands on and help you create a mindset and strategy that helps you:

  • believe in the goals that you set and knows the exact steps to hit them.

  • gives you a clear vision and mission that drives you to make a huge impact.

  • align with your passion so you can take inspired action.

  • trust your decisions even when you come across obstacles.


Who Can Benefit Most

Coaches, entrepreneurs, and experts that are ready to commit to their business 100% and have the urgency to make changes so they can create the money flow they desire that lights them up! 

You're a new coach/entrepreneur who's looking to jump start your business and get your first clients now. 

You've been inconsistent in your monthly income and want to learn more about how to attract your clients. 

You're throwing spaghetti on the wall and not sure what strategy is really working for you. 

You've been in business for a long time but feel stuck, bored, and want to revamp the excitement you had when you began. 

You're ready to simplify and create a business model that's in alignment with your genius. 

You're ready to increase your bottom line and breakthrough your income ceiling. 

You want to increase your prices but are afraid to. 

You're struggling attracting clients and feel you have to work hard to bring them in.

You want to improve your sales calls and strategy to close at a higher rate. 

You want to make a huge impact and contribution to the World. 

You're ready to overcome your fear of public speaking and want to become confident in being seen.

Still have questions whether or not I can help you? Email me to tell me more about what you're looking for and I'll let you know if a free coaching call will benefit you. Looking forward to it!