Teri Karjala

Business & Life Transformation Strategist

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Talking With Teri
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Coaching Philosophy

Unlock ● Embrace ● Experience the magic of you, grow your business with ease and shatter your self-imposed money ceiling by eliminating past trauma, hurt, fear and failure.

My 18 years’ experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor and credentialed trauma therapist has afforded me the unique opportunity to empower hundreds of women to expand far beyond their wildest personal and professional dreams.

In our work together, you’ll...

  • Tame self-sabotage and dismantle limiting beliefs that leave you feeling frustrated and drained and begin operating at a higher, more productive level

  • Learn tools to get unstuck and increase your vibration allowing you to attract leads and close more new business  

  • Free yourself from the restriction of your comfort zone and operate with greater courage and determination

  • Define your core values and the vision you have for your life, family, and future  

  • Outline actionable steps that lead to consistent progress and sustainable momentum in your business  

Who Can Benefit Most

Female solopreneurs, business owners, independent representatives and professionals who are...

  • Struggling with negative self-talk, self-sabotage, fear, anxiety or depression

  • Financially frustrated and unable to generate their desired income

  • Trapped in fight, flight or freeze mode and make choices not in their best interest

  • Giving so much to excel professionally yet their income doesn’t match their efforts

  • Sitting on untapped knowledge and expertise they want to leverage

  • Feeling unfulfilled in personal or professional relationships

If any of this describes you, I can help YOU like I’ve helped my clients. Let’s deconstruct what hasn’t worked for you and reconstruct what will work. It’s time to create with purpose, build according to your value systems, attract abundance and truly develop the YOU that lives within.

You are brilliant. You are unique. The possibilities are endless.

"Where you are and where you desire to be is all within you.” -From the book, Be the Magic of You