Stefanie Curtis

People and Process Leader // Driving Business Growth and Sustainability


Pace Creative Group Ltd.
604 366-9222

Coaching Philosophy

The reason I am a consultant is to give back to the community. When you need support and consulting most, it can also be the hardest to find.

Over the last 12 years I have learned from various business challenges I faced including not having a strong corporate culture, dealing with lawsuits and partner disputes, managing bullying or intimidation in the workplace, managing employee expectations and developing gender equal pay grids.

My experience has taught me how to create a strong strategic foundation to build any business for sustainable growth, hiring great team members one by one and supporting them with ongoing training initiatives and taking the time to give performance reviews to help motivate employees regularly.

As a results-driven business builder with a proven track record of starting, growing and running small- to mid-sized businesses I enjoy partnering with visionary business owners who want to turn a brilliant business idea into a strategic business model ready for growth.

*Over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur working with management partners to position companies, optimize processes and lead teams to succeed.

* As a cofounder of 3 successful small to medium size businesses, I help develop roadmaps to build strong foundations for any business to be ready for growth.

* As a content marketing specialist for the past 10 years, I have helped businesses thrive strategically and efficiently by aligning their communication, branding, marketing and sales efforts.

Who Can Benefit Most

Here are some of the challenges Stefanie can help you solve - ask me how!

* Build a strategic foundation for all aspects of your business; such as Administration (Accounting, IT, Finance, ect), Talent Management (ie HR documentations, legal documentation, training, values/culture, ect), Processes/Project Management, Business Development (ie Communication, Marketing and Sales), and Strategic Operations.

* Team Building: Assessing needs, creating job descriptions, recruiting, training and leadership

* Operations: Process and training manual creation for repeatable and proven systems.

* Vendor Management: Third-party vendor needs analysis, sourcing, evaluation and negotiations.

* Sales and Growth:  Sales prospecting, lead development, growth strategies, forecasting and closing.

* Marketing: Assessing marketing needs, overseeing campaigns across media – print, digital, social.

* National Expansion: Setting up satellite offices and growing remote teams.

* Budgeting and Costs: Managing cost control and cash flow while scaling a company.

* Strategy and Vision: Stretching the vision and setting direction and goals to grow into.

* Communications: Align your communication and branding with your marketing and sales efforts for optimized return on investment Develop marketing materials that will resonate and attract your ideal clients and customers.

* Strategic Thinking: Develop documented strategies to ensure the entire company share your vision, values and clearly understand your business objectives. 

* Talent Management: Establish a corporate culture by identifying core values and manage talent thru the growth.