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Coaching Philosophy

If you’re at six figures and shooting for seven, congratulations!….But if that’s the case, I’m not the coach for you. HOWEVER, if you’re at the beginning of your business journey and want to make a solid start, let’s talk!

Spoiler alert: there is no easy button for growing a business. (Bummer, right?) But what I can offer you are simple, proven strategies that will help you take real steps forward toward building the business you want, and serving the clients you love.

I see many coaches and other solopreneurs stuck in perpetual start-up mode despite spending a lot of time, energy and money on marketing and sales trainings. I know how frustrating it can be to keep spending money and working so hard but not getting the results you expected.

Here’s the thing. It’s easy to read an article or take a class, but it’s a different story to take what you learned to apply it in the real world of business. And the world of business can be overwhelming. (Maybe you’ve noticed.) It’s not always clear what actions are going to give you the results you want. That can leave you REALLY busy, but without the satisfaction of making actual progress.

The good news? I can help you with that. I teach my clients need-to-know, proven business strategy, and stick around to help them implement it. Because putting that knowledge into practice is what’s going to make all the difference between HAVING a business and SUCCEEDING in business.

I have a solid track record helping coaches and consultants close more clients and create more cash flow. Here are some of the ways I do that.

  • Making sure your mindset is as rock-solid as your strategy

  • Keeping you focused on a simple, proven process

  • Teaching you the skills that will bring your business vision to life

  • Helping you take the actions that will create the results you want

  • Supporting you to get out of your comfort zone, even when it feels vulnerable

So if you want to stop the marketing madness and create a real-life thriving business that pays your bills, funds your retirement, and sends the kids to college, you’re in the right place!

Who Can Benefit Most

You are a coach, consultant or expert who is just starting your business, or you have been in business 0-3 years

You have been in business for a while but have lost momentum and feel like you’re always starting over

You want a simple, step by step system that will lead to clients and cash flow

You are still working on getting your first paying clients

You are bringing in clients, but not consistently

You want to grow your business through workshops and/or public speaking

You are uncomfortable promoting yourself and it’s getting in the way of your business goals

You want help pricing and packaging your services so that you can generate a healthy income while delivering high value to clients

You’re willing to get out of your comfort zone as part of the process of growing your business (It’s non-negotiable, but it’s worth it!)

Still not sure if I’m the coach for you? Email me and I can help you determine if your free coaching sessions will be well spent with me. If I don’t think I can help you, I’ll do my best to help you identify which of my Premier Success Coach colleagues might be a better fit. You can contact me at