Mary Kraemer, RN, CMMSMC

Stress Management Coach

Coach Donor

Gotta Get Balanced, LLC
(888) 214-5023

Coaching Philosophy

Everything begins with a thought.

Your body stores all your thoughts, feelings and emotions. When you’re in balance you are happy, healthy and have a positive sense of well-being. When not in balance you’re affected physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially through stress, illness, and disease.

Mary helps you get to the cause of your imbalance by releasing that which is no longer beneficial. It is a deep and profound process because energetic transformation takes place at the cellular level. As an energy intuitive, and certified medical meditation and stress management consultant Mary blends her medical background, Universal principles, and intuition to guide individuals to recognize the body’s signals of energy imbalance and innate wisdom for positive transformation. She provides a safe, supportive, and confidential environment for SOUL-ful transformation.

Who Can Benefit Most

If any of these resonate with you I’d be honored to guide your journey:

  • Desire intuitive guidance or healing around a particular situation

  • Transform negative subconscious programming

  • Heal faster from surgery, injury, disease

  • Grounding, centering, and protection for you, your home, office, or event venue

  • Work-life balance SOUL-utions

  • Access your inner guidance system to make decisions from a position of strength

  • Raise your rates using the laws of manifestation and attraction

  • Step into your authentic power around money, mind-set, and motivation

  • Recover & rebuild from toxic relationships

  • Design and offer nurse continuing education programs

  • Contact Mary to speak at your next event or break-out session.