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Coaching Philosophy

I believe in SMARTSuccess®.  When you know who you are, and how your work best, you will be more successful in your business.    

This goes for speaking as well.  It’s not about the um’s and ah’s.  Speaking starts with having a clear core message. I call it your stake-in-the-ground around WHO you are, WHAT you believe and WHY you do what you do.

What I don’t believe in is specific, step-by-step, cookie-cutter talk formats that make you sound like everyone else.  You are an original-use it to STAND OUT.

I work with smart, experienced, business-owners who want to use their natural talents to set themselves apart through speaking. Speaking is THE fastest way to grow your expert status and your bottom-line.

I have over 17 years of experience as a business owner and have worked with 300+ entrepreneurs on speaking and messaging in the past 3 years.  As a Certified Master Speaker, I combine my speaking expertise with my advanced training in Psychology and Communication to help you develop a talk that truly fits you.

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Who Can Benefit Most

I would love to help you if:

·      You are working hard but not seeing the results you want.

·      You have a lot to offer and can’t pick just one thing.

·      You have tried other programs and they never seem to work for you.


·      You want to speak, but aren’t sure where to start

·      You want to speak, but you get too nervous

·      You feel you have too many topics or you ‘can speak about anything.’

·      You need a clear, compelling message.

·      You want help with stories and transitions


·      You have a talk, but you are struggling to get booked


·      You want to learn how to sell from the stage (especially when it’s not allowed!)

·      You are paying to speak, and not seeing the results you want.

·      You would like to GET PAID to speak


·      You want to learn the business side of speaking