Julie Miller Davis

Productivity for Goal and Time Management

Coach Platinum Donor

JMD Julie Miller Davis
(719) 822-1998

Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is that each client is unique and needs to be heard before making a recommendation for action. However, every one of us can use certain tools and systems to be more efficient and productive with the way they approach their business, so I help guide my clients through the muck with tools and systems I have created.

Who Can Benefit Most

Those who can benefit most from a call with me or working with me are those whose business isn't growing at the pace they'd like because they are so busy doing everything for everyone that they cannot find time to work on the things that will drive their business forward. Many of my clients are so close to their worries and business wishes that they can't find the path to their goals, or they feel like they are treading water and just want to reach the end of the pool! Those are the people I can make a big difference with. We have so many things we want to do with our businesses if we could just find the way out and the time to do what we know we need to do. That's what I do--I help you navigate through everything needing to be done, figure out where to start and make the plan to start moving forward.