Jenny Taylor

Branding, Social Media, Publicity and Mindset Coach

Coach Donor


Coaching Philosophy

I help professional business women identify bad habits that impact businesses from moving forward. Together we'll chip away at old habits and shift from an employee mentality to a true entrepreneur mindset to secure your desired goals.
I like to describe myself as a recovering Corporate Executive that tossed aside appearances on the Today Show, Good Morning America and my “corporate” jet setting ways to build a multi-million dollar global business from my jammies in the comfort of my own home.

I looked at leadership through a shattered lens that was warped by corporate egos, pride, and the abuse of power. At the top of my corporate game, I looked around and realized I didn’t want anything that I had worked so hard to achieve.
It was then, that I started a journey to find myself, to redesign my life, and most of all to find and give grace. I longed for a journey back to God. I wanted a journey of owning my own business, time and helping others do the same.
I found all three, and now I share all that I learned so others can do the same. It is totally possible to keep the main thing the main thing and prosper without compromising the things that you love most.

Who Can Benefit Most

~Entrepreneurs that are as passionate about their business as they are about helping others and building a life they love. It’s about so much more than just turning a profit. It’s about making an IMPACT. Helping people, living out your highest PURPOSE, and
building a life you LOVE.
~Entrepreneurs that are struggling to get noticed. You’re having trouble “promoting” yourself, STANDING OUT in your market, and attracting the right clients. You’re second-guessing yourself, worrying you’re not “cut out” for business. I'll help you gain clarity.
~Entrepreneurs that are ready to TRANSFORM how you show up, and LEAN IN to your unique voice and the light you have to shine. I'll help you connect with your ideal client, inspire them, build trust, and then make the sale!