Geri England

Your Business Story Coach-Turn Your Personal Stories into Dollars, Maximize Your Influence, Success & Income

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Coaching Philosophy

One of the most powerful ways to attract more clients, make more money and increase your influence is through your personal stories. Your personal stories are your power. You have a treasure trove of stories to share. You can easily learn to find and tell your personal stories to inspire others, stand out from the crowd and become more influential as a leader.

"Stories are the most powerful weapon in a leader's arsenal." 
-Howard Gardner, Ph.D., Harvard University

Results: Together we identify and leverage your personal stories for success. The results are that you can:

  • Attract more clients and followers

  • Land bigger projects, gigs and promotions

  • Grow your leadership, business and income

  • Become the trusted go-to-person for your clients

  • Handle any situation with confidence and professionalism

I would be delighted to serve as your partner and guide to help you become more powerful and influential.

Who Can Benefit Most

In your role as a woman business owner or leader you want to:

  • Gain clarity and consistency in your message

  • Learn how to craft compelling signature stories using effective story structure

  • Communicate your message strategically and effectively one-on-one, with groups and in formal presentations and speeches

  • Connect well with your team members, followers and clients

  • Make your message memorable

  • Become the business leader that others trust, admire and revere

  • Confidently present yourself as an expert in your field and in any situation 

Why Strategic Storytelling: MRI brain studies have proven that the human brain is wired for story. Stories engage both the left and right brain. When you share your unique, personal stories, people remember you better, believe you are more credible and connect with you on a deeper, personal level.  

Experience: With over 25 years of experience in business, non-profit, entrepreneurial and education roles, I have led hundreds of team building, training and coaching sessions in appreciative inquiry, business storytelling, leadership development and professional presentations skills. My background includes certifications as a Story Coach, Co-Active Coach, Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner/Facilitator and John Maxwell Team Coach, Speaker and Trainer as well as degrees in Business and Counseling Psychology. My Discover Your Story to Success System© is grounded in positive psychology, brain science and proven story structure and storytelling techniques.