Chamera Bowman

Health and Life Strategist


1 (800) 650-2531

Coaching Philosophy

I help entrepreneurs and individuals take bold action towards their purpose, gain clarity in their vision, and increase their confidence by making courageous decisions.

My gift in this world is to help individuals make their breakthrough and cultivate old habits into greater beginnings. For instance, do you find it hard to:
• Make decisions
• Work out
• Eat healthy
• Have consistent flow of income
• Find your purpose
• Successfully achieve your goals in life

My clients’ results are:
1. Get to the root of themselves by using accountability
2. Set great intentions towards their vision
3. Get clear on their purpose

My experiences have led me towards where I am in life today and my own personal transformation has shown me that I wasn’t going to be able to show up as my best self alone. Everything in life needs company, but it all starts with YOU! Are you ready to make that first bold decision?

I’m here to be your cheerleader, mentor and guide. I believe in you!

Who Can Benefit Most

I am looking for entrepreneurs, coaches, freelancer, and individuals who are ready to own the value of clarity for their life, set intentions towards a purposeful vision, and embrace balance in their business and personal life. 

How willing are you?

- To no longer choose a life behind fear and be willing to fail forward for your purpose 

- To shift your mindset towards greater energies to keep you aligned with your vision

- To own your life back by making by setting up a plan with intention towards your future

- To be vulnerable for what's deserving of you

- To say Yes! To no longer putting your life on hold for anything that is not contingent to your GROWTH! 

I am waiting on you and I believe in you...

" You are a seed of purpose, grow where you can bloom." - Chamera Bowman