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Speak with Brilliance Anywhere and Increase your Sales Effectiveness

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Coaching Philosophy

Speak with Brilliance on Any Stage or Camera, while Increasing your effectiveness and sales.

You are a gift to your audience, whether you are speaking to one person on camera, a few at a network meeting, or to thousands on a grand stage. The way you deliver with confident power, projection and authenticity through a clear and inspiring voice is critical to your success and earning power.

Speaking and singing express who you are through your one and only broadcast system, your voice. Your honest, authentic and loving self must show through your voice. My background is in TV, radio, movies, recording, modeling, stage acting, directing and training others in these areas, and personality. My passion is to help you apply what I know as a professional singer, speaker, TV and radio host, actor, model, voice performance coach and BANKcode trainer to your speaking so you can excel with passion and presence to make the impact you were put on this planet to make!

Who Can Benefit Most

The woman who wants:

  • Vocal mastery, (you are a triune person and voice is a triune system as well. (sound producing and support systems, and the art of language and high EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

  • Finding the sweet spot of your voice (thoughts, body and voice)

  • The power of presence

  • Audience engagement expertise

  • Developing the gift in you.  You and your message are the gift!

  • Learn that Fear is a destructive myth, but Confidence is positively real.

  • Learn to increase communication, EQ and sales up 300% through voice, and personality, people and purpose focused BANK training, now with the added benefit of cracking anyone’s value and influence code with AI (Artificial Intelligence) in nano seconds. You must speak to all four personalities in any audience.