​NextLevel Participant Terms and Conditions:

As a participant in the eWomen NextLevel Program you understand and agree to the following:

    1) This is a six month success program. After your program ends you will have the option to renew and continue the NextLevel in increments of six month periods.

    2) Due to the exclusive structure, nature and pairing of groups there are no refunds. If you are making payments as part of the program and you quit, you agree to pay your remaining payment balance.

    3) Your investment in this program may not be transferred.

    4) We understand that it may be necessary for you to miss a monthly live accountability call with your coach. In this case, you agree to provide a written progress update on the status of your goals. Missing an accountability session does not excuse you from providing a written update. It’s important that you send your update to your accountability coach PRIOR to your schedule session.

    5) You understand that if you miss a group or one-on-one session with your coach your session may not be rescheduled or repeated.

    6) If you show up late for a coaching session your session will not be extended to accommodate your lateness. Your coach will only wait up to 10 minutes past the start time of your session before disengaging the session and listing you as a no-show.

    7) NextLevel fosters group facilitation and provides a culture of positivity, trust, and collaboration. Any disruptive issues or communications will first be addressed with your PSC.

    8) Confidentiality of information within your group is not only expected, but it is required.

    9) Once you are assigned to your PSC and your group, changes may not be made.

         10) These terms and conditions are subject to change and may be updated at anytime.