Colette Martin

Managing Director


I am honored and humbled to be welcomed into eWomenNetwork as the Managing Director of the Arlington, TX chapter including the surrounding areas.  

Here at eWomenNetwork our philosophy is give first, share always and lift as you climb. I want you to be part of this journey, this tribe if you will, of women who are ready to formulate a plan to grow in amazing ways in their business. I see a vision where inviting others into an amazing network creates lasting relationships, expanding businesses, and growing dreams all the while lifting up others at the same time. Being able to lift others to pull them along is what we want and it's what we do. Hence our mission of 1 million women making 1 million dollars each.  Believe that anything is possible and know that the only limits are the limitations that you allow are in the can't or not now of your mind.  

No where else will you see a proven sustainable network that is a success story. It transcends its reach to thousands of women and some men all across the United States, Canada and around the globe. When we grow, you grow.  

The Arlington, TX chapter is the train of success! It is breaking new ground to reach out to the surrounding areas and continue to empower, inspire, and build relationships like eWomenNetwork does best.  


I extend this invitation to you to check us out and join our chapter.  We welcome you on this journey with welcome arms that will lock, lead, and soar.