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  • 06/26/2019 11:30 AM


    14901 Braddock Rd
    14901 Braddock Rd Centreville, Virginia, 20120

    The entrepreneur and the elite athlete share much in common. In pursuit of peak performance and the next level of success, both entrepreneurs and athletes leverage a cycle of the 3 Ps: Practice Performance Perspec more

    Presented by Bevin Mugford
  • 06/26/2019 06:30 PM

    3 Keys Women Entrepreneurs Must Master to Grow Their Business

    22 Woodland Street
    22 Woodland Street Hartford, Connecticut, 06105United States

    Most women not only have difficulty articulating what they want, but then they are afraid to ask for it.  They stay stuck, frustrated and discouraged.  The result? They lose out on creating a suc more

    Presented by Rosie Aiello
  • 07/09/2019 11:00 AM

    Build Your Audience and Boost Your Sales With Facebook Live

    7600 Gainey Club Drive
    7600 Gainey Club Drive Scottsdale, Arizona, 85258United States

    By 2019 90% of online content will be video. That is huge! You can either master the skills now and be the first to the party, or wait and catch up after the party is in full swing... missing out on the connections to poten more

    Presented by Molly Mahoney
  • 07/09/2019 06:00 PM

    3 Keys to Catapult Your Business and Life Success to Live Your Ultimate Life Now!

    3300 Cadboro Bay Road
    3300 Cadboro Bay Road  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

    Have you hit a limit to your success in your business and no matter how hard you work, how many seminars or trainings you attend, you just can't break beyond this "stuck point?" Or does it feel like you have built a successf more

    Chapter: Victoria
    Presented by Felicia Searcy
  • 07/10/2019 11:30 AM

    Branding and Your Bottom Line: How A Strategic Brand Can Grow Your Business

    5341 S Milford Rd
    5341 S Milford Rd Milford, Ohio, 45150United States

    •  What is a strategic brand? •  Why it’s important to invest in your brand to grow a successful business  •  How to get started creating your brand or re-evaluate what you currently have

    Chapter: Cincinnati
    Presented by Tracy Frank
  • 07/10/2019 11:30 AM

    Hanging Up The Cape

    1227 Dorset Street
    1227 Dorset Street South Burlington, Vermont, 05403United States

    Can women have it all? ABSOLUTELY!! That is, if they want it. This talk focuses on learning to focus on what is important to you and how to go about creating a life that will support your vision. Janet provides numero more

    Presented by Janet Neal
  • 07/10/2019 11:00 AM

    Move Your Business Up and To The Right With Profit

    10910 Domain Dr
    10910 Domain Dr  Suite 100Austin, Texas, 78758United States

    Missy Camp Anderson, founder and CEO of Passion On Purpose, builds multimillion-dollar companies. Based on her traditional, MLM, and speaker/event success, one of the key elements entrepreneurs mi more

    Chapter: Austin
    Presented by Missy Camp Anderson
  • 07/10/2019 11:30 AM

    Stories that Sell: Three Keys to Gain Confidence, Inspire Action, and Sell More with Powerful Stories

    1780 Lakewood Drive
    1780 Lakewood Drive Salt Lake City, Utah, 84117United States

    Most entrepreneurs know that we need good stories for business: client testimonials, speaker biographies, and sales pitches are all stories. We fear the poorly-told story, the glazed look when we tell people what we do at ne more

    Presented by Michele Gunderson
  • 07/10/2019 11:30 AM

    Strategic Planning Isn't Just For Business

    3333 Templeton Gap Road
    3333 Templeton Gap Road Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80907United States

    Find More Quality Time, Energy & Connection for Those You Love With 1 Secret Skill

    Presented by Shawn Haywood
  • 07/10/2019 11:30 AM

    Confidence, Charisma, Clients & Cash

    299 S. Moorpark Road
    299 S. Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks , California, 91361United States

    Confidence, Charisma, Clients & Cash ConfidenConfidence, Charisma, Clients & Cashce, Charisma, Clients & Cash A Talk from her new book From Worry to Wealthy: A Woman’s Guide to Financial S more

    Chapter: Calabasas
    Presented by Chellie Campbell