Why They Buy - How to Communicate with Influence


Karen Millerwise

Have you ever wondered why people make decisions the way they do? What factors influence buying decisions? Since everyone is different how can you possibly know this for each individual?   The answer is personality science.

Whether your speaking with your client, prospect, spouse or child … understanding how people make decisions is important in ALL your relationships.  When you speak to convey a thought you want the listener to RECEIVE the information, not to fall on deaf ears as they say.

BANKCODE is a system that teaches personality science.  Once you understand the code of your listener, you know how to communicate most effectively using only relevant information for that individual.  It’s respectful and empathetic to the listener and it saves everyone a lot of time.

We are going to look at how you can speak your buyer’s language and explode your sales results.

Walk away knowing…

·         What is BANKCode™ personality science and why is it important?

·         How to leverage BANKCode™ in life & business!

·         How to code your prospects, team and partners for better relationships and influence.

Speaker Bio

Karen Millerwise has 20 years’ experience in marketing, sales, relationship coaching and communication studies, so she understands what it takes to influence people to take decisive action.  She is a Certified BANKCode™ Trainer and highly credentialed and experienced Marketing specialist who loves teaching organizations how to use BANKCode™ personality science to communicate more effectively and influence buying behavior.

In her corporate life she worked with Fortune 100 consumer packaged goods companies to design, test, and bring new products to market to generate millions in revenue. She has an MBA from Cal State Fullerton. Currently, she is the Director of Business Development at ShapeShift World and is Managing Director of eWomen Network in Scottsdale/ Phoenix.

Facilitated By

Carol Johnson
Managing Director


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