Donna McPherson

CEO, Donna McPherson CPA

Many entrepreneurs operate in the “Money Gap” year after year, where there’s more money going out than coming in! Some may never achieve the financial independence they desire and won’t even know why.

Donna understands why; the reality is that many people are great at their craft but not at monetizing it, while others are great at making money but not at keeping it.  

Donna knows how easily this could happen. During her first year as an entrepreneur, she made mistakes that could have destroyed her financial security.” Fortunately, she knew what to do to get back on track.

That experience served as valuable lessons that she later used to run two successful businesses while helping her clients double and triple their income and profit.

Donna emphasizes that having money should not be left up to hoping and wishing! She shares what business owners must do to have absolute certainty about how much money they can earn, get all of it, and keep most of it. They can then stop spinning their wheels, wasting time, and leaving their money on the table.

 A dynamic speaker, Donna’s “real talk” is engaging and practical. The audience will learn the value of:

1. Understanding the value of their expertise and including it in their pricing strategy

2. Having absolute certainty about where to focus their time, money, and staff or team

3. Protecting their profit to invest in growing their business or improving their lifestyle 

Speaker Bio

A CPA, Profit Strategist, Donna teaches entrepreneurs that running a business is about making money, experiencing FREEDOM, and having FUN.

Donna knows the price of guessing. As such, she gives her clients a numbers-based blueprint to make wise decisions, enabling them to work smarter and leverage their resources to create wealth and a lifestyle they can enjoy!

Donna’s Book, The Price of Fake is Real - How to Stop Pretending & Gain Real Business Success, highlights many pitfalls that lead to business failure while sharing proven strategies for real success.

She understands the importance of “lifting as we climb,” as such, she enjoys mentoring new entrepreneurs so they can get off to a strong start and build their businesses the right way.

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Carol Johnson
Managing Director


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Start Date 05/18/2022 11:30 AM
End Date 05/18/2022 01:30 PM
Timezone US/Arizona
Informal Networking 11 am
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Chapter Tucson, AZ

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