Unlock the Magic of You


Teri Karjala

Transformational Life Strategist
3 Strategies to Master Your Mindset
Using Universal Laws to Leverage and Grow Your Businessc

Be the Magic of You: Create more money, clients, and IMPACT!

Get ready for transformation! The best time to make a shift in your life...is NOW! Now, more than ever before we are being asked to stop playing small and stop waiting for the perfect timing. If we have learned anything during this time it is that our gifts are needed right NOW to lead and serve in more profound way! Teri shares her NOW formula designed to help you unlock your brilliance, live your life with intention, and anchor in your extraordinary! Teri provides powerful tools to eliminate the stories that no longer serve you so that you can create more money, more clients, more freedom but importantly more IMPACT in the world!

Key Take-a-ways:

● Profoundly shift your unconscious limiting beliefs that hold you back

● Harness the power of intention

● Implement powerful strategies to more of what you DO DESIRE

● Transform what you thought was possible

● Discover your potency to increase sales and leverage your impact

Speaker Bio

Teri Karjala, is a Transformational Life Strategist, the founder of Creative Counseling Center and Talking With Teri, best-selling author of Be The Magic of You: Tools to Transform Your Life with a foreword written by Jack Canfield. She is Premier Success Coach with eWomen Network and a Coach with Forbes. Her podcast: Talking With Teri is a top 100 podcast featuring various local and national celebrities. She has been featured on many television, podcasts, and radio shows, including Hay House.

Teri is a thought leader in female empowerment and entrepreneurship. Today, professionals and women entrepreneurs hire her to ignite the magic within. Because most are consumed by fear, held back by unconscious limiting beliefs, and lack the tools to get back on track.

Teri has combined her 23 years of counseling background with energy psychology and applied the principles of quantum physics to transform people’s lives by clearing the unconscious blocks that hold us back.

In the real world, Teri is an adrenaline junkie, self-taught doodler, master fort builder, and she is pretty sure she was a mermaid in a past life! She comes with her own warning label: Caution….MAY CONTAIN EXCESSIVE ENERGY!


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