Unleash The Impact Driven Change Maker In You!


Connie Jones

Unleash The Impact Driven Change Maker In You
3 Keys To Breaking Through To More Freedom, Fulfillment, Impact, and Abundance In Business!
Top 3 Ways We Give Away Our Power In Business And How To Take It Back

  You’re a high achieving, successful business woman – a dreamer and a doer. You’re using your innate gifts to impact your clients in a unique way to create meaningful change in the world. Yet, you know there’s more for you! You’re ready to unleash the impact driven change maker in you and unlock new measures of freedom, fulfillment, and abundance in your business and life.

In this powerful immersive experience, Connie empowers you to close the gap between your reality, your goals, and the mission driven dream in your heart. Through visualization and deeply introspective questions, you will clarify your mission and vision that fires you up for the future of you, your life and business. You will create an impact driven map that identifies next steps for creating it and uncover and begin navigating through the perceived roadblocks that hinder you. As a result, you will feel aligned with and excited about growing your business that allows you to live and lead as the most powerful you and create the impactful change you want in the world!  

Key Takeaways

·       Create an impact driven map to navigate to your next level.

·       Identify what you need to start and stop to begin creating it.

·       Develop ways to articulate your dream/vision for your business

·       Identify the key roadblocks you face and begin to understand how to navigate around them.


Speaker Bio

Connie Jones is a heart warrior. A freedom fighter. A master of breakthrough. A success coach and therapist. She helps high achieving entrepreneurs break free from limiting mindsets and habits, so they can live in deeper fulfillment and soar in next level success in business. Her high caliber coaching programs result in significant income increases, greater impact, abundant joy, and more free time for her clients.

Connie guides her clients through meaningful transformation inspired by her own past frustrations with the gap between her reality and her dreams. Through her personal coaching journey, she developed the vision and power to build her ideal life and business, and she now coaches other change makers to do the same.

As an avid Heart Sparks vlogger and motivational speaker, Connie imparts hope and passion to her audience as she shares wisdom from her own personal struggles and victories. Her audiences benefit from her expertise as a highly sought after therapist and coach for almost two decades. In her book, Warrior Arise! Live Bravely, Freely, and Authentically YOU, Connie shows the reader how to silence the negative voices of fear and shame that keep them playing small. She empowers them to live fully alive and realize their destinies. Her Warrior Arise! Podcast features rich, meaningful conversations with fellow Warriors who live and lead with courage, freedom, and authenticity from their passion fueled and purpose centered lives.

Facilitated By

Amy Matthews
Managing Director


Event Information

Start Date 06/02/2022 11:30 AM
End Date 06/02/2022 01:30 PM
Timezone US/Eastern
Informal Networking 11:00 am
Maggiano's Little Italy
1601 Cumberland Mall  
Atlanta GA 30339
United States
Chapter Atlanta, GA

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