Two Shockingly Simple Secrets to Unlocking High-Growth Sales


Mary Grothe

Founder & CEO

A simple step by step sales approach that’s resulted in millions of revenue sold by Sales BQ® CEO, Mary Grothe, and dozens of Sales BQ® clients, all by shifting the mindset from “what you sell” to “why your clients buy”; proven for both entrepreneurs and sales teams of all sizes. Each attendee receives a Sales BQ® training workbook. This presentation is interactive, includes role play, and will leave a lasting impression on each attendee’s sales approach. The knowledge will be transferred into action immediately.

Each exercise is taught with an example… a story of the current situation and an example of a positive outcome by applying the knowledge. Then, attendees are guided through an exercise to chart out, describe, and write their existing sales process, approach, products / services they sell, etc. to help create a stronger sales approach specific to them. Reason is, most workshops have great content, but attendees do not have a chance to apply it immediately, as they learn it, therefore the retention is minimal. Every Sales BQ® workshop requires participation from attendees – they apply what they learn immediately, make it about them, and walk away with an approach they understand, they bought into, and can use IMMEDIATELY!

Speaker Bio

At 22, Mary started with a Fortune 1000 Payroll/HR company at just $13/hour in an admin role, but quickly acquired the skills and training required to advance into mid-market SaaS sales. She rapidly found success by listening to her clients and always solving their needs; putting their agenda before hers. Even when her sales approach was the direct inverse of corporate, she knew in her heart what was right, and she did the job with integrity and grit - driving results for both Mary and her clients. With multiple #1 finishes and millions in revenue sold, she left in 2011 to become a business strategist for entrepreneurs and founded Butterfly Creative, LLC. Her vision expanded into youth entrepreneurship education and eventually went back to the Payroll/HR company serving larger, more complex prospects/clients in 2014. She left in 2017 after two Top 25 and one Top 10 finish and millions more sold.

Mary returned as CEO to her firm, Butterfly Creative LLC, rebranded as Sales BQ® (now 10 team members strong), and their one driving goal is to help CEOs avoid losing what many CEOs lost on bad sales hires; over $1M as a result of no sales infrastructure, bad hires, and lack of time to manage. BQ is the behavioral quotient (behavioral intelligence). Their work is based on uncovering the core selling competencies and sales DNA of the reps and managers they work with, developing high-growth sales strategies, and implement them with the CEO until the plans are profitable. In 2018, the SBQ team helped over 30 companies reach new levels of profitability.

Facilitated By

Renee Vejvoda
Executive Managing Director


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