"Turning Down the Noise"


Denise Onofrey

The Relationship Strategist
Author. Speaker. Connector.
Relationships. Easier.

Taking Control of Habits that Create Noise

We live in a go-go-go paced world, full of access, information and pressure. We also get into habit of creating more noise than necessary – sometimes we do this to “drown out” the pressure. 

We will identify where you can turn down the noise and start creating more calm 

  •  We live in a noisy world, and to cope sometimes we make it “noiser”. Not-so-healthy habits create noise and distractions from what is truly going on in us and around us 

  • Noise creating habits are what I call “ings”   

  • “Ings” are the behaviors we indulge in to calm and soothe ourselves. 

  •  Once you identify your “ing” you begin to have more control over where you put your time and  energy and create more of both. 

  •  Replacing your “ing” with healthier habits or the gift of “doing nothing” creates a stronger relationship with the self. 

Speaker Bio

Denise Onofrey - Denise is the author of the book Your Relationship with YOU: How to Live Life by Your Rules, and the creator of two innovative programs: “The Connection Strategies for Couples” and “The Connection Strategies for You”. Known as The Relationship Strategist, Denise has served hundreds of clients behind closed doors as a relationship and sex therapist. Denise’s priority is to enrich our relationship with ourselves for success in our businesses and our families. When we create ease and connection with ourselves, all our relationships are easier and have more connection.

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JeriLyn Hatch
Managing Director

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Start Date 09/11/2019 11:30 AM
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