Turn Your Fantasies into Realities (Goal Achieving)


Barbara Daoust

Success is a Mindset: What's in the Way?
Turn Your Fantasies into Realities (Goal Achieving)
Access Exponential Business Growth

You have created your life. It’s not your parents, you lover, your job, the economy, the president, an argument, or your family that is to blame or celebrate. It’s you. You see the world as you feel about yourself and you tell others how to treat you. Own your sh*t and change your life.

Owning your sh*t is one of the most powerful tools available to us. Knowing that you have created the life you are living by the choices you have made, is empowering because you can make a new choice and change it. You can move from blame to peace, from finger pointing to freedom.

The moment you take responsibility of exactly where you are at work, in relationship, or at home, is the moment you can say goodbye blame and hello happiness.

Using the stories of her life and her 10-step program, you will identify your limiting beliefs, have OWNERS*T of where you are, and learn the one word to kick to the curb that will change your life. Leigh's talk will send you out as an Unstoppable Warrior. It's time to unleash your Star Power (and I don't mean the Hollywood kind).

  • Owning your power

  • Using your story to make money

  • Realizing our mess connects us and reminds us that we are not alone.

  • Let's dive into the mess. 

Speaker Bio

Barbara Daoust's journey from her native Montréal to the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California was not just one of bridging miles, but of traversing great emotional, psychological and spiritual distances.

Even as a child, Barbara displayed natural leadership skills, inspiring others and getting them to achieve much more of their potential. Exhibiting her natural calling as a coach, she would be the one to direct a school play, or organize teams in a game of sport.

Leaving Canada to enroll in UCLA's prestigious theater program, she obtained her Master's in Fine Arts degree, excelling in writing, directing and producing. Her early success in creating the sellout play "Lysistrata" caught the eye of Hollywood's elite, and Barbara became the darling of Tinseltown. By the age of 29, she was already directing a play called "Quisbies" in Washington, D.C.'s world-famous Kennedy Center. A number of actors and other entertainers sought her coaching talents, and she eventually became the coach and director for the Olsen Twins for more than 10 years, helping develop them into an entertainment and fashion juggernaut confirmed by Forbes' Magazine to be the 11th wealthiest women in the entertainment industry.

At the peak of her coaching and directing success, tragedy struck Barbara. Her husband and best friend of 28 years, Patrick Joseph, suddenly developed and died from lung cancer. Following in rapid succession were a number of other life-altering tragedies. Forced through soul-searing losses to meditate on and reevaluate the course of her life, Barbara sought meaning in all the emotional and psychological pain she was experiencing. From the soul searching she underwent as a result of all her suffering, she at last found her true calling: Success and Performance Coaching. She entered into her new calling with the same drive and passion she had previously displayed in the world of entertainment, pursuing her post-graduate degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica and becoming certified as a Quantum Success Coach. Taking her studies to the next level, she became a fully-certified Bob Proctor "Thinking Into Results" facilitator. (For those of you who may not be familiar with him, Bob Proctor was one of the leading characters in the world-famous film "The Secret.")

Blending her quarter century's experience in acting, directing and writing, she has been helping many people experience truly-extraordinary results through this life-changing peak performance program. Because of her passionate devotion to helping people overcome their self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors, Barbara's clients are experiencing quantum leaps in their personal and professional lives, finding greater enjoyment, meaning, fulfillment and success.

Barbara coaches and mentors a diverse clientele: entertainment professionals, creative types, corporate executives, sales teams, and business owners, helping them to break through self-imposed barriers to their success, and leading them to reach their dreams. Barbara does not give cute, inspirational "pep talks." Instead, she gives meaningful, real-world,  actionable advice that can help people make the move from "dreaming" to "living into their dreams." If you want to stop feeling frustrated by the gap between what you want and what you've been getting, and want to close that gap, Barbara's coaching may be just what the doctor ordered!



Facilitated By

Julie Kraschinsky
Managing Director


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