The SuperGlue to Sales: Implementing Sales Psychology to Close Clients Quicker


LoriAnne Reeves

Sales Strategist & Business Consultant
Certified Leadership Consultant & Professional Psychotherapist
Author, Writer & Speaker

Sales Psychology is the superglue that holds all sales together to the close and onto the client journey. Why?  Because we are human.  Understand the aspects of how buyers always buy from emotion and justify with logic. Know what to tune into when having conversations so you know the motivators of those potential clients.

Speaker Bio

LoriAnne works with her clients to get results in growing their business revenue to $1Million plus by implementing a sales plan, developing Leadership as the CEO of their business and the right strategies to get to a million dollar business and sustain it.  One of her key skills is to help you step into the person you were sent here to be embracing the personal development aspects so you become The Empowered CEO Entrepreneur.™. LoriAnne is a Sales Strategist & Business Consultant, Professional Psychotherapist and Certified Leadership & Organizational Consultant.  She is the author of three books: The SuperGlue to Sales, The Easy Ask and The Easy Ask Workbook. She speaks virtually and in person.

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Ashley Roda
Managing Director


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