The Land of Plenty


Carolynn Bottino

Author of The Land of Plenty
Founder, Money Empowerment Project
Owner, All The Details Consulting

In this enlightening and empowering talk, Carolynn shares her transformational money story and her most powerful and practical tips for creating joy and abundance with money.

After working with more than 100 bookkeeping clients, Carolynn realized that she was much more than just a bookkeeper and discovered her soul’s calling to empower women entrepreneurs to rise up and embrace their money power.

Her strategic, yet soulful, method merges mindset work with practical systems and habits to help her clients transform their relationship with money. Refreshing, non-judgmental, and out-of-the-box, Carolynn’s approach makes the often-taboo topic of money approachable and engaging. She skillfully guides her audience to look at what is truly possible when you unlearn fear, shame and guilt around money--and step into The Land of Plenty. 

  • How to uncover your money story and explore beliefs that hold you back and keep you in scarcity

  • Ways to create systems and habits around your money to create abundance

  • How to leave fear, shame, and guilt behind so you can transform your relationship with money and live in the Land of Plenty

  • Simple tools to create joy and magic in your relationship with money

  • Why your money empowerment matters and how you can change the world when you rise up and embrace your money power

  • How to easily combine day-to-day money systems with soul-aligned action to create abundance in your business and your life

Speaker Bio

Carolynn Bottino is the founder of the Money Empowerment Project and author of The Land of Plenty: A Soulpreneur’s Guide to Finding Joy, Possibility and Abundance through Money Empowerment. After working with more than 100 bookkeeping clients, Carolynn realized that she was so much more than a bookkeeper and discovered her soul’s calling to empower soulpreneurs to find joy in their relationship with money. 

Carolynn is a truth guide for money. She walks her talk and serves as an example of how to live in The Land of Plenty, leading with her soul, and using her intuition to guide her business decisions. She loves to inspire others to find joy, possibility, and abundance in their lives and businesses. 


Facilitated By

Jenny Harkleroad
Managing Director


Event Information

Start Date 06/01/2022 12:00 PM
End Date 06/01/2022 02:00 PM
Timezone US/Pacific
Informal Networking 11:30
Cocina Del Charro Escondido
890 W. Valley Parkway  
Escondido CA 92025
United States
Chapter San Diego, CA

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