The Invisible Business Model


Liz Dederer

Sales Coach
Sales Strategist
Sales Trainer

Online marketing? Social media? Email funnels? We're inundated with the overwhelming possibilities for bringing our business vision to the eyes of others. Couple that with the questions of "what do we charge?", "how long do we work with a client?", "how do we get them the best results so they refer people to us?", and "what’s a realistic early stage earning goal?"... enter entrepreneurial exhaustion. SERVING YOUR COACHING CLIENTS CAN BE EASY, FUN + PROFITABLE!

In this lively and comprehensive business training, you will discover: How coaches and service entrepreneurs create their 1st of forever 5-figure months
 • The #1 mistake we make when it comes to conversations around and about money
 • 5 simple steps to creating a high-touch, low-tech boutique service business
 • Actionable sales habits to grow your business in 15 minutes a day

Speaker Bio

A 20-year, 5-time entrepreneur, Liz Dederer, CEO of Selling With Service, empowers women to make money and create change!

In her flagship program, the Sales School for Entrepreneurs, Liz teaches solopreneurs how to create a high-touch low-tech service business so they can experience their first of forever 5-figure months!

An accomplished speaker, Liz brings wit and wisdom to her frequent appearances on Podcasts, regional and national conferences on women’s empowerment, sales, and money!

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Ashley Roda
Managing Director


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Start Date 04/20/2021 11:00 AM
End Date 04/20/2021 01:30 PM
Timezone US/Pacific
Online Event - Zoom
United States
Chapter Portland, OR

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