The Currency of Conversation: Unlocking Taboos About Money to Empower Confidence and Ignite Change!


Liz Dederer

Sales Coach
Sales Strategist
Sales Trainer

Women especially have never been taught to speak confidently or competently around and about money. In fact, we’ve been taught the opposite – that it’s taboo, rude, icky or uncomfortable to talk about money. In this lively and engaging ‘conversation starter’, Liz will break down the social and emotional barriers that prevent us from feeling powerful in life’s most important conversations and leave you excited and prepared to talk about money with confidence, grace and ease!

Participants will discover: >The #1 mistake we all make in conversations around and about money. >The 4 Currencies of Conversation we trade with and how you can identify them easily to confidently be in control of any conversation!. >How to stop self-sabotaging money thoughts from negatively impacting your relationships, business, so you can make decisions from where you want to be instead of from where you think you are. >The 3 easy to implement strategies to align your natural money mindset with your business & your life so you can step into the vision you have for your future self with confidence, clarity, grace and ease!

Speaker Bio

Liz Dederer empowers women, business leaders, entrepreneurs (and honestly anyone who will listen!) to speak with confidence around and about money!   She has been featured in the Women and Money Summit alongside leading experts on women, sales and money for her work helping clients increase sales upwards of 600% in 30 days, increase close rates by 80% and after 10 years of virtually no growth, helping 2 clients triple revenue the next year! Liz is the Founder & CEO of Selling With Service, creator of The Close Clients Quickly SYSTEM, and is the author of the eBook, Speak Your Value. She is a proud single mom, loves the beach and is a self-proclaimed thrift store junkie!

Facilitated By

Aina Hoskins
Managing Director

(860) 227-3054

Event Information

Start Date 07/24/2019 06:30 PM
End Date 07/24/2019 08:30 PM
Informal Networking 6:00pm
Location Town & County Club
22 Woodland Street
Hartford CT 06105
United States
Chapter Greater Hartford , CT
22 Woodland Street
    Hartford CT 06105
    United States

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