Strategies for Relationship Building in the Attention Age


Jamie Shibley

Strategies for Relationship Building in the Attention Age

Did you know, the average business loses around 20 percent of its customers annually simply by failing to attend to customer relationships?    Is your relationship strategy earning the attention of your customers?  Are you effectively re-engaging your existing customer base?

Technology has certainly changed the way we do business, but the way we build relationships needs to adjust as well.  Our customers have had enough of being just another number in our call log and are now expecting more in exchange for loyalty.    

If you aren’t receiving your fair share of repeat and referrals, you’ll want to join us to learn how you can improve the relationships you have with your clients.     

You'll learn the definition of the Attention Age and why it’s having an impact on your relationship building efforts.  

We'll review steps you can take now to adjust your customer experience so that your brand is creating the personalization that customers are craving.

You'll learn how to create customer experiences that will solidify customer loyalty and create raving fans.

Speaker Bio

Jamie grew up with small business in her family, working part time in her grandfather's floral business.  She spent 20 years in corporate world in various IT roles.  The most recent 7 years of that time were spent managing ecommerce storefronts, where she gained first-hand experience of the negative impact that mismanaged customer relationships can make on big brands. Jamie holds a degree in Management Information Systems and a Masters in Project Management.  

Since launching The Expressory, her work has been featured on Entertainment Tonight and she has helped her clients gain the attention of the influencers they were seeking to connect with.  

Facilitated By

Julie Kraschinsky
Managing Director


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