Prosperity Cycle: 4 Keys To Quantum Leap Your Wealth


Dr. Kelly Schuh

Business Coach & CEO Worth International, LLC
Worth & Wealth Alchemist

Do you want to make more money and can’t seem to break free to next-level wealth?

What you may not know is you have a financial set point that is neurologically wired to keep you in your comfort zone.
In order to break out to your next level of wealth you must identify what keeps you at your set point.

If you are not conscious of your stories, patterns, and behaviors that block you from the abundance you deserve, then you will not be able to receive your next-level wealth.
Dr. Kelly Schuh will show you the Prosperity Cycle, a tool you can use to quickly identify what is holding you back so that you can effortlessly raise your set point and receive the abundance you desire.  

Speaker Bio

Dr. Kelly Martin Schuh is a bestselling author, speaker, and Worth & Wealth Alchemist™ for female coaches, consultants, and Soulpreneurs. 

After scaling her business to multiple 6 figures and participating in high-level women only masterminds, it broke her heart to see so many talented female entrepreneurs with valuable offers and ideas, struggling to ask for the money they deserve and confidently close sales.

Awarded Top Female business coach by Yahoo Finance in 2021, Dr. Kelly Schuh is igniting the Women’s Worth Worldwide™ movement, for women to claim their true worth and wealth. She empowers female coaches and consultants to get their confidence, mindset, and sales system in alignment so that they can build the life of their dreams.

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Julie Ulstrup
Managing Director

970 217-8533

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