Power up Sales in 2021


Brenda Aveyard

Sales and Business Coach for Entrepreneurs
Speaker - Trainer - Coach
CEO and Founder of Brenda Aveyard LLC

We are living in the in-between world of virtual and in-person arenas! It is time to step it up and move on. Let’s journey into both worlds and get “you” in the spotlight and increase your sales!

Speaker Bio

Brenda Aveyard is a successful entrepreneur & business professional who has extensive business experience and decades of personal success. Her expertise is sales training implementation and leadership programs. Brenda has traveled extensively across North America training others to be successful in sales and leadership. She focuses on prospecting, asking for the sale, and the often forgotten follow up, while guiding her clients to achieve their full sales potential. Brenda takes pride in helping clients achieve extraordinary results in accelerated time.

Brenda is also a published author, workshop leader, motivational speaker, as well as a coach working with sales professionals, entrepreneurs ad coaches. Emerge a winner with Brenda.

Facilitated By

Amy Ostigny
Executive Managing Director


Event Information

Start Date 06/23/2021 11:30 AM
End Date 06/23/2021 01:30 PM
Timezone US/Eastern
Informal Networking 11:00am
Terrace Park Country Club
5341 S Milford Rd  
Milford OH 45150
United States
Chapter Cincinnati, OH

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