Maximize YOUR Brain Gifts-The Neuroscience Of Success


Julie "Brain Lady" Anderson

CEO/Founder Your Best Mind LLC
International Best Selling Author
Creator Brain Personality Connection Profile System

Whether you are an entrepreneur who is creating your own empire, an individual building your career, or you just desire more in your life, understanding the brain personality connection will make the difference between success and failure. This is the science behind the psychology of what makes people tick. It has been compared to “Myers Briggs on steroids”. In this presentation Brain Lady Julie will teach you how to best use this amazing asset, your brain. Gaining this knowledge can make the difference between creating a financially profitable business and one that barely survives. In addition, learn how to reach the brains of you potential clients in a way that THEY need to hear, see, or feel your message.

  • Identify your natural Brain Personality Connection

  • Gain communication skills to close those sales and keep those clients

  • See how maximizing your brain strengths will lead to greater success and profitability

  • Build a plan and a team for optimal productivity

  • Develop the skills to create a brain that is on fire with activity and creativity

Speaker Bio

Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson is considered to be one of the nation’s top experts on the Brain Personality Connection. She is a dynamic and engaging international professional speaker; business, communication, and relationship consultant; corporate leadership and team trainer; as well as an international bestselling author. She has been interviewed on several radio stations including the ABC network and made numerous television appearances. For more than 20 years she has been igniting her audiences and clients to fire up their brains to inspire positive changes in the relationships and communication of all she works with. The information she shares will help those who hear to accelerate their success in life and business through discovery of their natural gifts and maximizing their brain power.

Julie has studied Natural Health, Psychology, Human Resource Development and Psychoneuroimmunology at Clayton College. She is a 3-time attendee of Realizations Inc. / Success Resources International’s Brain and Innate Giftedness program. She has also received CEC’s in the field of Depression, Anxiety Disorders, and Brain Function. She holds a certificate PFA (Psychological First Aid), How the Brain Learns, and a Brain Health Coaching Certification from the Amen University.  She has done extensive research in the areas of Personality Types, Brain Function and Anatomy, Brain Health, and the Brain Personality Connection. She is the creator of the most comprehensive personality assessment tool-the Brain Personality Connection Assessment. She has also attended community colleges for Deaf Studies courses and is a retired interpreter for the deaf.

In May of 2009 she created Your Best Mind the parent company for her speaking, consulting, and coaching. Julie uniquely blends science and psychology when she shares her knowledge and information with corporate leaders and teams, entrepreneurs, women’s groups, and families through keynote speaking; workshops; lectures; private consulting and coaching; and her writings. She assists companies to improve their workplace morale and productivity; parents to create dynamic relationships with their children, and woman to achieve more in life and business.

Julie’s approach is unique. By including the latest scientific research on the brain personality connection, she provides her clients with the all-important “why” behind what people do and how they think. Through an understanding of brain chemistry, she provides the people she works with tools and processes that change their life in a positive way. Helping them get past blocks and create forward momentum in their lives and relationships.  Her always positive and up building approach brings true long-lasting success to those she works with.

As an International Best Seller, Julie has authored three books: The Brainstorm Journal, Communication Made Easy, and Enjoying Your Homeschool Journey: Keys to Teaching Your Child with Their individual Brain in Mind. She is also featured as a coauthor in The Change Book 4 and 9 and Experts and Influencers-Leadership Edition.


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Teri Kerr
Managing Director


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Start Date 07/13/2021 06:00 PM
End Date 07/13/2021 08:30 PM
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Informal Networking 5:30 pm
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Chapter Victoria, BC

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