Leveraging Grants to Cashflow Your Business


Stephanie Hastings

Premiere Grant & Fund Finding Specialist
Money Maven CEO

Did you know that there are grants (free money) for your for-profit business?

I bet you thought that grants were for the most part only for education and non-profits, didn't you?

Let me share 3 awesome tips how leveraging grant money in your business can provide you the cash flow for your operating expenses, payroll, marketing, branding, office expansion, staffing, training, and so much more!

Speaker Bio

Stephanie Hastings is a Certified Bookkeeper, accountant, financial mindset coach, speaker, author, wife, and mother. -- Her passion is to make a positive ripple effect by working with individuals and small businesses to accomplish their entrepreneurial dreams.

19+ years in various Executive Administrative roles within corporate America, her business & financial expertise along with her background in Hotel/Restaurant Management has allowed her to “humanize” the numbers and relate to her audience and clients.

Through her various personal trials and triumphs, Stephanie has been able to hone her skills and gifts to grow a community of resources and affiliates to share.

Claiming her humanity, she is always learning and striving to do better. 

Facilitated By

Jenny Harkleroad
Managing Director


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