It Takes Guts to be Healthy - Health Myths and Truths


Judy Hahn

Join in the fun figuring out what things we believe about health and wellness are truths and what are myths.  Learn some information about health and the body that may change how you do things and get you healthier.

1. What eating hygiene is and the steps they can begin to take to have good eating hygiene

2. They will learn what stress truly does to the body so that they will want to begin to take steps to be less stressed. (I will provide handouts on what they can do to deal with stress)

3. That "we are what we eat"; is really not a true statement. We are what we eat, digest and absorb.

4. The truth about acid reflux/indigestion and what not to do about it. (Doctors are not telling patients the truth)

5.The truth about the immune system and our neurotransmitters (happy hormones)

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Facilitated By

Jamie Shibley
Executive Managing Director


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Start Date 02/13/2020 11:00 AM
End Date 02/13/2020 01:00 PM
Informal Networking 10:30 AM
Location Crowne Plaza Milwaukee Airport
6401 South 13th Street
Milwaukee WI 53221
United States
Chapter Milwaukee, WI
6401 South 13th Street
    Milwaukee WI 53221
    United States

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