It's Never Too Late!


Denise Ackerman

Transformational Life and Business Coach
Certified Dream Builder Coach and Life Mastrery Consultant
Savvy Ageless Goddess Extraordinaire

Visioning Life.  Most people spend far more time planning a trip or building a house than they ever do on planning their life.  They look up and at 30, they think it's too late to go to college; at 40, too late to have a baby and at 50, when the kids leave home, too late to have a life they always dreamed of.
It's Never Too Late!  With humor, passion and specific visioning ideas and tools, Denise will lead them through a process that helps them see they can build a big life, no matter the age or circumstance.

  • Give the audience 4 specific areas of life they can focus on

  • leave with specific ideas to build on their dreams.  

  • Break through ideas to see past limiting beliefs

  • Leave feeling inspired and empowered with a bigger sense of themselves and their life.  

Speaker Bio

The oldest of five, Denise took the stage while directing her siblings in the driveway of their childhood home.  With a desire to change lives and inspire others from an early age, Denise’s career path has taken her places so she could do just that.

For over 30 years, Denise spread her desire to serve and lead others throughout the real estate industry.   Starting in sales as an agent, she quickly moved into leadership, trainer, business development and in the last several years, as a proven, successful top performance coach, helping to build a fast track to success for many who have become top performers.

An avid student of transformation and personal growth, Denise learned about coaching in 1999, when introduced by a friend in HR. Invited to coach several employees, she began coaching part time.  In 2012, she became a certified Life Coach and then certified as a Dream Builder Coach in 2017 and then the Advanced Life Mastery Consultant in 2018.

With a ‘toolbox’ full of years of business training, along with personal growth training and her certifications, Denise launched her dream, her own coaching business, Sage Soul Living in the spring of 2018.  Her passion is creating strategies, while igniting the light within those she coaches guiding them to live the life and build the business they’ve always dreamed of.

A workshop leader, retreat junkie and twice published author, Denise writes daily in her blog on life geared toward women at midlife and beyond…women Denise calls Savvy Ageless Goddesses.  Denise’s dream… to be a well-known international coach and bestselling author and speaker.

She is the proud mother of 2 children, daughter, Alex who is a social media writer for MGM hotels in Las Vegas and her son, Adam who has recently re-located to Los Angeles with his daughter, Callie. 

Ask Denise her ‘big why’?  Look no further than her family.  They are at the center of her heart and the light of her life.

Facilitated By

Gens Johnson
Executive Managing Director

972 322-5140

Event Information

Start Date 07/11/2019 11:30 AM
End Date 07/11/2019 01:30 PM
Informal Networking 11:00 AM
Location Coyote Ridge Golf Club
1640 Hebron Parkway
Carrollton TX 75010
United States
Chapter North Dallas/Plano, TX
1640 Hebron Parkway
    Carrollton TX 75010
    United States

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