Inspirations For The Soul - How To Get And Stay Inspired As An Entrepreneur


Eva M. Kennedy

Certified Life Coach

Every day you are presented with the same decision when you wake up in the morning. Do you want to stay the way you are and have the same day you had yesterday or do you want to make changes in your life?  If you want to live a happier and more fulfilling life, learn actionable steps that will help you achieve your goals and live your best life. 

The actionable steps are designed to help you make decisions and choices that lead to greater fulfillment by focusing on the person within to achieve your personal and professional objectives. This integrated approach helps you make changes to be successful and gain new insight and approaches to living.

  • Actionable steps to guide you in daily decision making 

  • Process for continuous growth and development

  • Awareness, understanding and confidence to be your authentic self

Speaker Bio

Eva M. Kennedy is the founder and principal of Eva M. Kennedy LLC /1Evalution, a boutique coaching firm. She is a certified life coach, speaker and author. Her focus is on supporting, encouraging and empowering women by helping them create clarity around the uncertainty of change so they can achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

Eva has authored and published two books, Inspirations for the Soul and a workbook, Witness the Most Powerful YOU. She enjoys facilitating her signature workshop, Witness the Most Powerful YOU: Five Fundamental Principles to Create and Live the Life You Desire. The principles are designed to help participants make decisions and choices by focusing on the person within.





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