How to use your FREE LinkedIn Profile to get more: Prospects, Partners, & Platforms


TR Garland

Creator of the Relationship-Based Marketing Matrix™
Creator of the Psycho-Graphic Scripting System™
Mission-Driven Marketing & Messaging Expert

What would your business look like if....

Within 30 days, the amount of traffic to your LinkedIn Profile increased by 1,533%?

(with only highly-qualified prospects) 

Within 30 days, when those people visited your LinkedIn Profile, you were FINALLY perceived/ positioned as an Expert, Authority, Industry Influencer?

(shortening your sales cycle & increasing your conversion)

Within 30 days, you were able to conduct phone conversations with 30+% of those professionals who originally viewed your LinkedIn Profile?

(dramatically increasing the quantity & quality of your pipeline)


These results have become a reality for my clients because they learned my proprietary "Psycho-Graphic Scripting System".

And you can too.

This practical & tactical training is for you if you consider yourself a Purpose-Driven Professional.
Wall Street Journal Award winner TR Garland believes that most people are treating their CONNECTIONS like a COMMODITY in today’s online (and offline) business environment.
As a result…
They’re failing to consistently turn those CONNECTIONS into CURRENCY.

He's not just talking about Financial Currency.  Where most people make a mistake these days is to ignore the power of Relationship Currency.
Yes. TR has observed that most people are placing too much emphasis on Technology-Based Marketing Methods and not enough on Relationship-Based Marketing Methods.
Online networking platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are supposed to enhance "Human Interaction"...not replace it.

Wouldn't you agree?
If you resonate with this approach, then you're about to learn:
  • 3-Step Success Sequence for FINALLY Turning Your LinkedIn Connections into Currency
  • 3 Critical Components You Must Correct in order to Captivate The Attention of Your Prospects & Prospective Partners 
  • Top 3 Mistake Most Professionals Make When Using LinkedIn (...and how to avoid them!)

Success on LinkedIn "can" be accomplished while honoring your own values & virtues and respecting others along the way.
Make sure you show up for this content-rich training (complete with Case Studies) to learn how.

Speaker Bio

After a decade of working directly with industry icons like: Brian Tracy, Loral Langemeier, Michael E. Gerber, and even the Think & Grow Rich Brand…

#1 Bestselling Author & Wall Street Journal Award winner TR Garland has created a 3-Step Success System simple enough for anyone to follow helping them FINALLY get more: Prospects, Partners, & Platforms.

(...while using nothing but their free LinkedIn Profile)

Inc. Magazine recognizes TR as “today’s most relevant Relationship Marketing Expert”.  Entrepreneur Magazine recognizes TR as “one of the leading Business Networking Experts in the world”.

And we here at eWomenNetwork recognize him as a good friend and a great trainer.  So, please join me in welcoming TR to the stage to share...

Facilitated By

Diana Sabatino
Executive Managing Director

(909) 489-3334

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Start Date 07/11/2019 11:15 AM
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