How to Keep Stress from Being Your Boss!


Rita Garnto

Simple Self-Care Expert
International Author
International Speaker

I like to refer to this program as the "down and dirty of stress". My information is simple, relatable, and resonates. We are a society in a stress crisis and this provides some quick stress relief!

  1. Discover your stress score

  2. Experience the simplicity of self-care & stress reduction

  3. Learn the importance of a good support system

Speaker Bio

With a personal journey filled with many challenges including infertility, adoption, family death, being the daughter of an aging parent, and her own chronic health issues, Rita is no stranger to extreme stress. She has experienced first-hand, the severe negative effects that can occur with too little self-care along with large amounts stress. These effects have had lasting repercussions on her health, family, and life.


Based on her own health struggles AND 36 years of healthcare experience, Rita, as the Simple Self-Care Expert and Stress Management Educator, can help you find some peace in this crazy, stressed world. Her book, “Simple Self-Care Saved Me!” and has readers in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia.




Facilitated By

Susan Lovelle
Managing Director


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