From Bankrupt to 7 Figures: The 3-Step Blueprint to Turn Your Money Struggles Into Wealth


Sheri Berke

From Bankrupt to 7 Figures: The 3-Step Blueprint to Turn Your Money Struggles Into Wealth
What Every Woman Struggles with in Silence: The Taboo of Debt, Bankruptcy and Business Failure
The Gift of Loss: Using Change as a Path to Reclaim Your Life, Well-Being & Finances.

The road to success is peppered with detours.  But every detour can lead toward the future of your design when you use the 3-step Reinvention Blueprint.

Speaker Bio

Sheri has been trained as an accountant and a CPA.  Early in her career she discovered how to leverage her income and enhance her lifestyle using creative credit.  She learned the art of living large on minimum payments until she lost her Corporate job.  Then the house of cards collapsed.

She lost her home, was deep in debt and then her fiance walked out.

While it took time to pay-off the debt, recreate her life and create a 7 figure investment portfolio, she learned some valuable life lessons and abundance generating tips.  She shares the 3 step process of reinventing your finances, your business and your life she has you laughing with her at the beliefs we share that keep us stuck.

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