Conquer Your Business: Be In Charge, Take Action, Get Results


Erin Marcus

Founder & CEO

Too many people live their lives, and run their businesses, in reaction mode. They scramble to find the next client, solve the next problem, and put out the next fire. This leads to overwhelming stress, frustration and disappointment. But what if I told you there was another way? An easier way? What if everything didn’t always have to be an uphill battle? My goal with this presentation is to inspire people to be in charge of their lives, their businesses, their dreams and give them the roadmap to do it.

Your audience will walk away with:

·      An understanding of how to design inspiring goals

·      The tools to get twice as much done in half the time

·      The motivation to move their business powerfully forward

Speaker Bio

Erin Marcus is an award-winning business owner, nationally renowned speaker, author, and consultant, who has been creating business successes for nearly 20 years.

She has spoken for top organizations such as Coldwell Banker, Highland Capital, Baird & Warner, US Bank, and more.

Regardless of the setting, the consistent theme has always been how to create powerful connections, come from an authentic place of service and help people reach heights they may not have even thought possible.

Her vast corporate experience combined with her MBA business savvy, and street-smart upbringing have led her to helping organizations to expand exponentially, working with one company to help them go from 4 million to 15 million, in record time.



Facilitated By


Theresa White
Managing Director


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Start Date 05/21/2020 11:30 AM
End Date 05/21/2020 01:30 PM
Timezone America/New_York
Informal Networking 11:00 AM
Zoom Meeting
United States
Chapter Northern Virginia, VA
United States

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