Comparison - The Thief of Joy


Betsy Clark

Comparison, Your Mindset Matters!!
S.H.A.Z.A.M.: Instant Courage ~ Find Your Voice When Speaking to a Group.

As an entrepreneur, it is difficult to refrain from comparing yourself to others.  Yet, does this practice really serve you, or does it keep derailing you? Do your "Mind Monkeys" keep you playing a smaller game or causing you to hesitate from taking action?

Comparison can be an awkward topic to discuss, yet it is important to dismantle comparison so we can manage it. We will discuss this with humor and actionable tips. Learn to reframe comparison so you can thrive!

Speaker Bio

Betsy has been a successful Entrepreneur for 43 years. Supporting women to live more fully, focusing on what they need to quiet their mind chatter so they can hear the whispers of their heart. Living out her tagline; “Your Mindset Matters.”

Betsy's current business as a Mindset Chaplain/Transformation Partner parallels her work in Interior Design, it just expresses itself differently. Previously she created beauty with paint, now she uses words. Betsy supports women to find their voice, stop doubting themselves so that, they can flourish in both life and business. She encourages, empowers and equips women to step into their brilliance and be a leader worth following! To live a life they love!



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Julie Ulstrup
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Start Date 06/02/2022 11:30 AM
End Date 06/02/2022 01:30 PM
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Informal Networking 11:00
Ptarmigan Country Club
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United States
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