Comparison - The Thief of Dreams, Hope and Joy


Betsy Clark

Comparison, Your Mindset Matters!!
Confidence; The Best Thing to Put on Each Morning!
S.H.A.Z.A.M.: Instant courage to "YOU"tilize your superpower when speaking to a group.

As an entrepreneur, it is nearly impossible to refrain from comparing yourself to someone else.  But, does this practice really serve you?  Or does it keep derailing you? Do your "Mind Monkeys" keep you playing a smaller game?

Like many entrepreneurs, you probably wrestle with self-doubt at one point or another.  And, like many entrepreneurs, you struggle to maintain a positive mindset that will open up doors of opportunity for you.  So, the question remains - how do you acquire and maintain a mindset that supports your goals and vision? 

Mindset and visionary expert, Betsy Clark, will teach you just that!  

It is time for you to be yourself.  After all, everyone else is taken.

Key takeaways include:

  • Take a snap shot on where you are on when it comes to comparing yourself to others.

  • Getting real about comparison (difference between envy and jealousy).

  • Context around comparison.

  • How to unhook from comparison and be yourself!!


Speaker Bio

Betsy began her entrepreneurial career at age 23. Her passion remains to coach women entrepreneurs to operate from their core strengths, and spark the talents that sustain their professional and personal growth. She is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Mindset Coach and a Premier Success Coach. She uses her Personal Ground Rules™ program to help her clients build their confidence and businesses.

As a public speaker, Betsy passionately teaches entrepreneurial best practices and the soft skills necessary in business today so women can confidently go out and do what only they can do.

Betsy lives in Colorado with her husband and dog, Frieda. She and her husband travel frequently throughout the west to play with their grown children.


Facilitated By

Julie Kraschinsky
Managing Director


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