5 Marketing Mistakes that Are Killing Your Business


Paula Skaper

President and Founder
Kinetix Media Communications Ltd.

DIY Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners
Does it ever feel like your marketing to-do list is never ending? By the time you've done everything on your list, you're exhausted. And the truth is, most of the time, you don't get to the marketing tasks because there are more urgent things on your plate - like doing the work that makes the cash register ring.

You're not alone. In fact, most small business owners waste 80% of the time and money they spend on marketing.

In this presentation, Paula shares:

  • the 5 marketing mistakes most small business owners make that kill their results

  • easy to use (and often free) tools to help you be more efficient

  • three things you must know BEFORE you spend another dime on outsourced and freelance services

  • why cheap can be the most expensive decision you make, and how to evaluate what you're really getting for your marketing investment

  • how to avoid over-paying for services you don't need

Speaker Bio

A rare breed of digital native, Paula combines solid traditional media experience with extensive digital expertise. with over 25 years of leadership experience in marketing and entrepreneurship, Paula can easily segue from dynamic email sequences to social media, video and search engine optimization, tying it all back to the only KPI that really matters – your bottom line.

Paula has run a successful digital marketing consultancy from her home in Vancouver British Columbia for over 2 decades, supporting businesses of all sizes to amplify their voices online. Some of her past and current clients include Best Buy, London Drugs, Blue Shore Financial Credit Union, Intrawest Playground Resorts and Destination British Columbia.

Facilitated By

Lee-Ann Frances Bates
Managing Director

(604) 362-3464

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