Wise Women Insights 001: Do You Know the Language of Trust?

Insights from Premier Success Coach, LoriAnne Reeves

Published Date: Feb 15, 2019 | Blog Category: eWomenNetwork
LoriAnne Reeves

Imagine, for a moment, that whenever you speak to someone about your products or services, they believe everything you say! 


You can talk to anyone and provide a reasonable explanation about what you do and why they should buy and the other person believes you.


How easy would that be!

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You build your business and then explain it and then you get a sale. The good old days….. 

Actually, selling has never been like that. When I had a corporate sales position, I went to a location, developed the right relationships, asked if my products could be tested in their process, did multiple tests, got great results, closed the deal and then managed my new account.


Along the way, when you answered an objection, they believed you.


Not anymore!

It might be fun to imagine that trust just happens.

However, most don’t trust what we say and others don’t even want to hear from us. Thanks in large part to the open channels of social media and how much access everyone has now.

What’s a business owner to do?


Learn the language of trust.

When anyone can google you and see if there is depth to your experience, what you offer and compare you to others even before you know, the language of trust must be throughout your communication whether online or in person.


The language of trust is personal.


The language of trust is understandable.


The language of trust is positive and realistic.


The language of trust can be a stretch beyond reach but doable.


The language of trust starts where you are and where your potential clients and customers are.


The language of trust begins with a compelling message and the results you provide.


The question to ask yourself is: Are the compelling message you state, the problem you solve and the results you get for your clients all in alignment with each other?

The fundamentals of business and sales have not changed. But the way we engage with our potential clients has and it starts with the language of trust.


LoriAnne Reeves is a Sales & Business Strategist and Professional Psychotherapist, helping business women get More Sales, More Clients & More Money!  She is an eWomen Network Premier Success Coach & Pro Speaker. Reach out to LoriAnne at LoriAnne@LoriAnneReeves.com and check out her website at www.LoriAnneReeves.com

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