Sandra's Million-Dollar Success Series: The $50 Million-Dollar Woman

Published Date: Jul 19, 2016 | Blog Category: eWomenNetwork
Phyllis Smith

The $50 Million-Dollar Woman

What does it take to run a $50 million company? Confidence for sure! But there’s more. Find out the key to success in this online conversation in Sandra Yancey’s, Million-Dollar Success Series Featuring Laura Herring, the $50 million-dollar woman.

$50 Million-Dollar Success Story

Laura is one of Sandra’s most treasured friends and “Femtor.” Laura is the Founder and Chairwoman of IMPACT Group.  She is a pioneer in career/life transition support.

Laura started out as a psychologist who saw many of her patients suffering from the transition they made when moving to her hometown of St. Louis. She had spent 10 years volunteering in various roles in her community and knew all the movers and shakers. Due to her novel idea to create a program that would help people adjust to their corporate move, Laura’s first customer was for $1 million-dollars with McDonnell Douglas! But after printing hundreds of copies of her program, that deal fell through. Without wasting a moment, she contacted a moving client and sold the program to them for double the price!

No Fear Allowed!

Laura’s fearless approach to business and life is what inspired her to write her book, No Fear Allowed.

Listen in to these 2 power-house women entrepreneurs discuss the real truth behind making your next bold move.


Sandra's Million-Dollar Success Series: The $50 Million-Dollar WomanCurator of Game-Changing Content, Phyllis SmithContent Manager, eWomenNetwork

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