Networking Intention is to Serve Others

Published Date: May 27, 2016 | Blog Category: eWomenNetwork
Phyllis Smith


Have you ever been to a networking event or a meetup where the person you’re talking to is only interested in talking about themselves? Or maybe they keep looking over your shoulder to see if there’s someone better out there to talk to? Yuck!

Networking Intention is to Serve Others

Sandra Yancey is the queen of networking. After all, she started eWomenNetwork 16 years ago to give women a place to network, connect and share their challenges and ideas. At that time, most of those arenas were dominated by men.   

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Sandra’s business has since grown to 118 chapters throughout North America, and is one of the largest women’s business networking organizations in the world with members in 6 countries.

Give First, Share Always

Why is her business such a success? Because it’s built on the foundation of “Give First, Share Always.”

Sandra admits she was a terrible networker. Most likely that is due to the traditional way people network, which is handing out business cards to each person they meet and talking about themselves. For a natural introvert like Sandra, that is just not part of her DNA.

Check out Sandra’s video and find out the best way to approach your networking events, questions you can use to get the conversation started and how to have a hands-free conversation.

Let us know your networking strategies in the comment section below!

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