Million-Dollar Success Series: Lead Generation

Published Date: Jul 21, 2016 | Blog Category: eWomenNetwork
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Lead Generation for Your Business

Generating leads for your business can happen in many different ways. The key is getting your ideal client in the door. In today’s Million-Dollar Success SeriesSandra Yancey talks with Digital Marketing Strategist, Zenovia Andrews, about lead generation.

Lead Generation is a Warm-up

One of my favorite resources for digital marketing is Hubspot. Writer and lead gen expert for Hubspot, Anum Hussain, describes lead generation as, “It’s a way of warming up potential customers to your business and getting them on the path to eventually buying.”

Zenovia Andrews explains that the best way to attract your ideal client is to make them an offer they can’t refuse. In this call you’ll learn what type of offer is yummy and irresistible.

Serving Others

If you come from a place of serving others your clients will be more attracted to you, because they feel like you care about them. People love to get stuff for free. If you can deliver some juicy content to your ideal customer, then they will want to know what else you have to offer.

Million-Dollar Success Series: Lead Generation

Watch and listen to Sandra’s informative conversation with Zenovia Andrews on her Million-Dollar Success Series. Get ready to generate leads right away!

Oh yeah.. there’s some other juicy takeaways that will inspire and motivate you to take your next big step. Hint: Expect the unexpected.

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