How to Overcome Sales Objections

Published Date: Oct 24, 2016 | Blog Category: eWomenNetwork
Phyllis Smith

The Heart of Overcoming Sales Objections

“But” is probably the last thing any sales person wants to hear, but overcoming sales objections is at the heart of selling. Let’s face it, potential buyers will almost always have an excuse not to buy. It’s how you overcome those sales objections that is the key. By cultivating a response to the objection with clarity, grace and an irresistible offer, you can turn those “no-sayers” into “yes-sayers.”


How to Overcome Sales Objections

Stuart Leung posted in the following list of typical buyer objections along with some general solutions:

  • Budget: Demonstrate the unique value of your product
  • Authority: Identify the customer’s concern and address that specific issue
  • Need: Take the extra time to describe the overarching problem or opportunity
  • Timeliness: Demonstrate why it’s best to make the purchase now
  • Value: Introduce specific perks, guarantees, or return policies

Overcome Objections with a Preemptive Strike

High-Ticket Sales Closer, Stephanie Chung, goes a step further in her video. She explains how to prepare for your objections by using the preemptive strike method. Chung says, Whoever is asking the questions is in control.”

Watch now and learn how to take control of the helm, drive the ship and overcome the toughest sales objections.

How to Overcome Sales Objections


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