Good Gala: How to Supercharge Business Giving

Gifted Wisdom for Non- Profits

Published Date: Jul 24, 2020 | Blog Category: eWomenNetwork
Ellie White-Stevens

You'll Learn:

  • How to better brand your events 

  • How to create sponsorship levels that will have business excited to work with you

  • How to put on a successful gala  

  • How to build successful business relationships needed to succeed sustainably

Ellie White-Stevens, Owner of Dirt1x, knows what it takes to grow a small business. She’s built hers from the ground up and has helped numerous clients find life-changing success. Ellie volunteers extensively and serves on several local boards and committees. Eight years ago, she created an annual soiree, O Christmas Tea, to benefit domestic abuse survivors. The event has turned a profit every year and has netted more than $113,000 to date. She helped another non-profit raise more than $40,000 

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